offering of‧fer‧ing [ˈɒfrɪŋ ǁ ˈɒː-, ˈɑː-] noun [countable usually singular]
1. a product or service sold by a company, or a number of these considered as a group:

• Like most new high-tech products when they first hit the market, itslatest offering (= its most recent product ) won't be cheap.

• The company broadened its offering (= made more products available ) of home health-care products.

2. FINANCE an occasion when shares, bonds etc are made available for sale, or the amount involved:

• The bank plans to raise $1.25 billion in a stock offering later this month.

• Proceeds of the share offering will be used to reduce the company's debt.

• Nomura Securities underwrote (= arranged ) the offering.

ˌblank ˈcheck ˌoffering FINANCE
an occasion when people are asked to invest money without knowing exactly what businesses their money will be invested in
ˌinitial ˌpublic ˈoffering abbreviation IPO FINANCE
an occasion when a company offers shares on a stockmarket for the first time, and the amount of shares involved; = INITIAL PUBLIC OFFER:

• The company has filed for an initial public offering of 2m shares at a target $10 to 12 per share.

ˌprivate ˈoffering FINANCE
when shares or bonds are sold directly to a small group of investors, rather than on the open market
ˌpublic ˈoffering FINANCE
an occasion when shares are offered to all interested investors, and the amount of shares involved
ˈshelf ˌoffering FINANCE
in the US, an occasion when a company sells a specific number of new shares or bonds from a larger number which the authorities have given them permission to sell:

• The company registered for a shelf offering of up to $1.25 billion of debt securities.

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offering UK US /ˈɒfərɪŋ/ noun [C]
MARKETING, COMMERCE a product or service that is offered for sale: »

Honda has just unveiled its latest offering.


The company has expanded through takeovers and new product offerings.

FINANCE an occasion when shares, bonds, etc. are made available for sale, or the amount that are available: »

Google's offering raised $85 a share when trading began on Thursday.

an offering of sth »

The company was considering an offering of 2.2 million shares.


The money was raised through bond offerings.

See also BLANK CHECK OFFERING(Cf. ↑blank check offering), INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING(Cf. ↑initial public offering), MARKET OFFERING(Cf. ↑market offering), PUBLIC OFFERING(Cf. ↑public offering), SECONDARY OFFERING(Cf. ↑secondary offering), SHARE ISSUE(Cf. ↑share issue), SHELF OFFERING(Cf. ↑shelf offering)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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